This layout was created for a challenge on the O’Scraps website.  The challenge was to incorporate some song lyrics from a film into the layout.  I chose “Splish Splash” from the soundtrack for the 1998 movie, You’ve Got Mail.

The journaling reads:

You used to love your bath times Sam. Dad and I used to end up just as wet as you. The more you spashed us, the more fun it was for you. The only thing you didn’t like about bath time was when it had to end. The screams were unmerciful then! The only way we could get you out without crying was to secretly remove the bath plug and let the water drain away slowly. You just got puzzled then about where on earth the water had gone. How times have changed now you’re a teenager!

Credits: Taylormade Composure kit from O’Scraps for everything other than the rubber ducks which I got from