I wish my Mum was still here to celebrate her Diamond Wedding with my Dad.  I wanted to mark this special day regardless so here is my little reminder of their Wedding, 60 years ago today.  We all miss you and love you Mum, every single day.

The journaling is a little hard to see so I’ll repeat it here:

My Dad has always been a bit of a joker and he told us this story from the day before he and Mum got married:
    He was walking Mum to the bus stop with one of his friends on the night before their wedding. While they were chatting Dad told his friend that he was getting a brand new washing machine the following day. Mum was understandably excited until she realised… she was the washing machine! I can’t believe she still married him after that…
    Some people said their marriage wouldn’t last 6 months because Dad was a bit of lad when he was younger. Well they were right, their marriage didn’t last six months, Mum and Dad would have been married for 60 years today if Mum hadn’t sadly passed away at the end of last year. A great achievement by anyone’s standards!

Credits: All elements and papers by Amanda Thorderson from her Mariposa kit.  Layout based on a sketch by Debbie Hodge of Get It Scrapped.